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International Import Export


For companies that want to keep up with the development in our country, expand their business or trade area and increase their market share by importing from abroad, we ensure that the most suitable manufacturers are searched, the necessary agreements are made with the determined manufacturers and the entire export process is carried out. By offering key solutions in the field of imports, we fully meet the needs of companies in this field. If you are a company that has just stepped into the sector, or if you are a company that has been in existence for a long time but wants to import for development, you can contact us immediately and ensure that the entire import process is managed professionally. In this way, you can experience the comfort of meeting the imports you need at minimum cost, with the right timing and planning, and perfectly.


We are honored to stand by all companies that want to export and companies that are already exporting but want to expand their business with our professional staff. We offer the professional and corporate service required for exporting. Determining the target products required in the export process, determining the target groups, determining which countries the products will be delivered to, conducting the necessary market research, determining the delivery method of the products, determining the organization for the transportation of the products, determining the stages of the customs process, preparing the foreign circulation documents, preparing all the necessary permits. We plan and implement the stages of issuing invoices abroad with great care.